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RCI (Resort Condominium International) is a worldwide timeshare exchange company.  With over 3 million members, RCI is the largest vacation exchange company in the world, ahead of Interval International.  The RCI resort directory consists of over 5,600 RCI affiliated resorts worldwide. The majority of these resorts are located in the United States and Europe. To become a member of RCI, one needs to pay an annual membership fee and be a timeshare owner at any of the RCI resorts (a resort who has an affiliation with RCI).

During those times when timeshare owners want to travel on more than one vacation or when they want to travel to destinations during a different time than what their home resort allows, RCI can connect them to an exchange community of timeshare owners who are also looking to exchange their travel time. This allows timeshare owners the flexibility of visiting resorts other than their home resort.

RCI has resort affiliations with some of the most popular timeshare companies, including Disney Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Palace Resorts, Pueblo Bonito, Mayan Resorts and Wyndham Vacation Ownership.

RCI has two types of memberships.  One is called RCI Weeks and the other is called RCI Points:

  1. "RCI Weeks" is for any timeshare owner of an affiliated RCI resort who wants to travel to a resort other than their home resort.  It requires an annual membership. Membership allows the timeshare owner to exchange their timeshare week for a stay at a different RCI affiliated resort.  The first step is to "deposit" your week with RCI.  A member can deposit their week up to 14 days before their start date on up to 2 years before the start date. After the member deposits their week, they can use either the RCI website or a Vacation Guide to find an exchange at another affiliated RCI resort.
  2. RCI's other membership is called "RCI Points".  An RCI Points membership requires the ownership at an "RCI Points" affiliated timeshare resort (when browsing TimeshareClassifiedAds.com, look for the RCI Points logo on the resort's webpage - this signifies that the resort is an affiliated RCI Points resort).  As a member of RCI points, you are also a member of the RCI Weeks program mentioned above. When you purchase your vacation week or convert an existing week, it will be assigned a certain number of Points.  The number of points it is assigned depends on things such as supply and demand of the resort, unit size, the season and evaluations from others members who have stayed at the resort. The RCI Points are made available to you at the beginning of yoru Use Year annually.  Once you receive your allotment of points, you can use them for a number of different travel options, including resort stays, airfare and other RCI Points transactions. Because the points are yours, you can also use your points to give to guests, friends or family members 18 years or older.  You will simply need to purchase a "Guest Certificate".  You can view the RCI Points Grid (pdf) to determine the number of points you will need at any resort in the RCI resort directory. You can even save points for the following year (free) assuming you have conducted at least one transaction during the year. If you do not have enough points for the resort stay you want this year, you can borrow from next years point allotment if your membership is paid for the following year. RCI Points includes all of the membership benefits of RCI Weeks, plus all of the benefits of a point system.

RCI resorts include destinations in the United States, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific.

An alternative to RCI's timeshare exchange program is for timeshare owners to simply search the TimeshareClassifiedAds.com timeshare exchange section for the resort or city they want to travel to and contact the owner of ads that display.  Only classified ads where the owner has indicated they are interested in an exchange will display in this section of the website. These owners have also indicated the locations they are interested in exchanging to within their classified ad. It is free to contact any timeshare owner listed on the TimeshareClassifiedAds.com website!



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