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  Select a location to find classified ads by owners of timeshares for rent.  Save hundreds by renting directly from an individual unit owner at a popular resort instead of booking directly through the resort. Timeshare rentals are a great way to save money on your next vacation.  
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What is a timeshare rental?  Often times when a timeshare owner can not use their week they will decide to post their week on Timeshare Classified Ads for others to use.  Unlike a resale, a rental is a one time agreement between the renter and owner allowing the renting party to use their specified week. 

Do people who use timeshare rentals receive the same privileges and preferences as the timeshare owner?  Almost all of the time the renting party will receive the same exact benefits and privileges given to the owner from timeshare resorts. After all, no matter who visits the resort, the ultimate goal of the resort is to satisfy the guest whether they own the timeshare or are just using a rental week for a one time use, even if the traveler never visits the resort again.

Each party involved in a timeshare rental transaction will benefit in some way.  The owner benefits by being able to cover their maintenance fees, which are required by the resort even if the owner does not choose to use their given week. Since the fees have already been paid, the owner has only a couple of options; use the timeshare themselves, let the week go unused virtually forfeiting their fees, or rent a timeshare to another willing party to recover their fees and in some cases turn a small profit.  The renter benefits by being able to use a week at a resort which is most likely nicer than most of the hotels in the area as well as being able to receive the same advantages of the owners who are visiting during the same time frame.  The resort is helped by the transaction because they are able to fill a room which might have otherwise gone unused, as well as having the opportunity to impress the visitor with their resort facilities, which may in turn prompt the renter to become interested in buying a timeshare at their resort.   

How much does a timeshare rental cost? The simple answer is the price of a rental will depend on many factors including the location of the resort, time of usage, owner’s willingness to negotiate, and the annual fees assessed by the resort itself.  The price of the rental can be greatly affected by the time of year you choose to travel. When traveling during high or peak seasons expect to pay a slight premium.  The opposite is also true, when visiting an area during low or off season many rentals can be found for a very low price.  The price of the timeshare is also affected by the yearly fees charged at a resort, since the ultimate goal of the owner is to cover their fees it is expected resorts with higher annual fees will also have a higher rental rate from its owners.  The final price can also be influenced by the owner themselves. Unlike hotels who have a standard rate, owners are often willing to negotiate the final price they are willing to receive for their week. Do not be afraid to contact multiple owners and make multiple offers before deciding on the best timeshare rental option.  To begin searching for rentals please visit and of the locations above.




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