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  Select a location to find classified ads by owners of timeshares for sale.  Save thousands by buying directly from an individual owner instead of purchasing from the resort. Timeshare resales are the buying option resorts won't tell you about.  You are buying the same properties the resort is selling, but at a huge discount because you are buying it from an individual timeshare owner who is no longer in need of their timeshare property.  
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Are you looking for timeshares for sale? This is the right site for you!  Timeshare Classified Ads offers timeshare resales directly from owners from around the world.

When people visit timeshare resorts, the sales people will tell them the only way to enter the world of timeshare ownership is through purchasing a timeshare directly through the resort leading many people to think this is true.  However, the facts are people can also gain timeshare weeks by purchasing them directly from an existing owner. Obviously, the sales people are trying to earn their commission and are not allowed to discuss timeshare resales. If "timeshare resales" are brought up during a sales presentation, the salesperson will try to name a number of reasons why buying timeshare resales are not the same as buying direct. The fact is that timeshare resales offer the same amount of service and privileges one would receive when buying directly from the resort.

What are the advantages of buying a timeshare for sale? The first and most obvious reason anyone would purchase in the secondary market is the cost. Timeshares for sale by owner generally area sold at a huge discount which usually amounts to saving thousands of dollars.

Some people might wonder why resales are sold for so much less than buying directly from the resort. The truth is timeshares depreciate in value like a car as oppose to appreciating like other forms of real estate. For example, when buying a new car the general rule says the value is cut significantly once the car is driven off the lot. The same can be said for timeshare sales once the person signs the agreement to buy. The value of the timeshare in the secondary market will drop roughly fifty percent and in many cases much more. When considering timeshare resales versus sales from the resort it is important to remember that there is no such thing as a new timeshare.  Unless the owner is the very first person to buy into the resort someone else has already stayed in the room and used the facilities.  Using this logic anyone can understand the value of buying from a previous owner as you are actually buying the same product at a greatly reduced price, saving thousands of dollars.

Are timeshare resales safe? Yes! Timeshares for sale by owner are very safe to purchase, in fact the process is very similar to purchasing a home. When both parties agree upon a price the transaction will be sent to a timeshare closing agency, all respectable agencies will perform background checks on the deed ensuring the purchaser is getting the exact unit specified by the owner and no fees are due to the resort before the timeshare resale can be transferred. The closing company prepares all documents to completely transfer ownership and has both parties sign them.  In addition, escrow services are provided so payment is not given to the owner until everything has been cleared through the resort and both parties are satisfied. 




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